Random fill – MBBR

The TTB Random fill of ThermoTrade s.r.l. is an efficient filter medium in active suspension and is the basis for ensuring the effective operation of the MBBR process. Is produced in HDPE and thanks to this composition has excellent mechanical properties and performance of biocompatibility and hydrophilic properties are very high. In our range we include the following diameters: TTB-01, TTB-02, TTB-05.


scheda tecnica TTB - MBBR

Fields of application

Waste water treatment



The product is made of HDPE and thanks to this material has excellent mechanical properties as a biological filter, where thanks to its density we get better performance for biocompatibility and hydrophilicity.

Rapid Vector of biofilm formation mechanism. They are designed to provide a large surface protected by the biofilm and provide optimal conditions for the bacteria culture when the carriers are suspended in waterExcellent resistance to shock loading.

Easy maintenance

Super decarbonization, ammonia nitrogen removal rate.

Mode Application flexible and diversified.

Long duration.