Humidifying panels

Carton FlockThermoTrade s.r.l.’s humidifying panels are used in air handling units for humidifying sections and for adiabatic conditioning systems, where they exploit the adiabatic phenomenon of evaporation to increase humidity rates inside rooms. CARTON FLOK is made of cellulose sheets glued to each other with non-toxic glue. The high contact surface between air and water allows for a high degree of efficiency.

Model Carton Flok

Carton Flok data sheet

Fields of application

Air handling

Painting booths

Gas turbines


The pads are made in absorbent paper sheets imbued with resins, which give them the correct consistency and self support, protect them from decomposition processes, and inhibit mold formation.

Easy application: the whole pad has to be uniformly wet through an adequate distribution system to prevent dry areas that would reduce efficiency. The air going through the pad is humidified and cooled, to different degrees according to operating conditions.

Optimal degree of efficiency.

Low pressure drop.

Low operating costs.

In order to achieve a good degree of efficiency and correct hygienic state, a periodical check of the humidifying sections inside the air conditioning system is advisable.

If the humidifying sections are taller than 2.0 mm, you risk lacking humidity in the lower part of the section. Thus, we recommend setting up intermediate water distribution systems.