Humidification panel

Plastiflok FOTO1

ThermoTrade s.r.l.’s humidification panel  are used in air treatment plants for the humidification sections and for air conditioners of the adiabatic type where adiabatic exploiting the phenomenon of evaporation to increase the degree of moisture inside of the environments.

The PLASTIC FLOK is made of PVC sheets coated with Rayon and glued together.

The high contact surface between the air and the water allows a high degree of efficiency.

Modello Plastic Flok

 Plastic Flok data sheet

Fields of application

Air handling

Painting booths

Gas turbines


Is designed for the sections and for humidifying the air conditioners of the adiabatic type, it is realized by superimposing and gluing of sheets of PVC flocked.

Geometry and amplitude of slow down the formation of deposits and facilitate inspections for regular checks.

The pad is assembled without the use of resins, which guarantees the total absence of odors in the environment.

The material used is chemically inert allowing the use of treated water for normal plant operation and thus offering an excellent resistance to washing maintenance with chemical products.

The pad can be used in air-conditioning systems civil and industrial, specifically for harsh conditions where most attention is paid to the hygienical.

The pad has a significantly extended service life not being chemically and biologically degradable.

In the field of gas turbines, it is recommended to use with speeds between  1 m /2.8 m / s.