Model Plastic Ring 170


Plastic Ring 170 of ThermoTrade s.r.l. is a random fill media in black isotactic polypropylene, which stands out first and foremost for its chemical and mechanical resistance.

It has excellent chemical and mechanical properties, with the material used and specific geometry allowing for remarkable resistance against compression.

Furthermore, its shape was designed to create trickling filters for medium/heavy loads, with the highest ratio of wet surface over volume. Thanks to its high permeability and high hydraulic load capacity, Plastic ring 170 minimizes the risk of clogging even when subject to significant specific, organic loads.


Model Plastric Ring 170

Plastic ring 170 data sheet

Fields of application:

Chemical industry:

Gas stripping.

Fume and odor abatement.

In scrubbers, as exchange surface for web absorption.

In distillation columns.

Water and air purification:

Effective surface for biomasses to adhere to during water purification, in trickling filters (both suspended or mobile bed structures).

For floating covers in various fields, from water purification to the galvanic industry.

In air washing systems.



The specific surface has been doubled and permeability has been increased by 70%. The in-operation weight decrease (approximately -80%) allows for large specific organic loads, up to 2-5 kg applied BOD5/MC of filling/day against a maximum of approximately 0.6kg/MC a day in traditional trickling filters, also thanks to the high superficial hydraulic loads that can be applied before the biological film detaches.


Specific condition for use: 

  • Sludge must be clarified, de-oiled, and de-sanded.
  • Effluent can be recycled only after decanting.
  • Sludge entering the trickling filter must have a concentration of approximately 2-7 kg of BOD5/MC of fill.
  • The BDO5 of the sledge entering the trickling filter also depends on the BDO5 required for effluent. The optimal value is approximately 250mg/l.