Waste water treatment

  • Model Plastic Ring 170

    Model Plastic Ring 170

    Random fill is made of isotactic polypropylene black where its main feature...

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  • Random fill – MBBR

    Random fill – MBBR

    The TTB - MBBR are random fill in HDEP , suitable for systems to biomasses ...

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  • Random fill media

    Random fill media

    Random fill in PP, PP+V, PVDF e PVC circular shape injection molded....

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  • Hollow Ball

    Hollow Ball

    Random fill in PHED of hollow form injection molded....

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  • Lamella Modules

    Lamella Modules

    Lamella pack in parallel channels composed by thermoformed sheets and assem...

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  • Coalescing media

    Coalescing media

    De-oiling filters in PVC composed by thermoformed sheets and assembly in bl...

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  • Structured Fill Media

    Structured Fill Media

    Fill media in blocks are obtained through assembly thermoformed sheets in P...

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